After a short explanation, you and your team and an instructor will try to sail through the surf. For this you have to work well together and paddle very quickly at the right time. Behind the surf you can take a break and then surf a wave towards the beach.

With rafting you control wild, turbulent water in a sturdy rubber boat. Manually maneuver through the undulating and swirling water and work well with the other members of the crew in the boat. For rafting, you no longer have to travel to a wild river abroad. In the Dutch surf of the North Sea it is at least as spectacular.

Join your colleagues or friends or girlfriends in a rafting boat and take on the battle with the fierce waves in the surf. Let the water splash around your ears, row against the waves, paddle with them or slide over them.

This will be a sensational trip full of wind, water, salt and waves. You can also try your luck on an indoor whitewater course. A must for thrillseekers and a must for water sports enthusiasts.