Compete in various parts where cooperation, creativity, team building and knowledge are central. This event is really suitable for everyone and can take place in all circumstances. Can also be indoors for a large part!.

A program can be composed of, among other things, the following components:

Building Bamboo :

Who will build the tallest tower or the best work of art from just bamboo and elastic? Collaboration is the key to success here!

Catapult Challenge :

Who can build a good catapult as quickly as possible and can shoot the different balls into the hoop of the teammates?

Water course :

A relay where the trick is to waste as little water as possible. Which team will fill their bucket first?

Tangram :

A mind-bending puzzle that can only be solved with utmost concentration and the best cooperation.

Archery, Ladder Golf and Disc Golf :

Score as many points as possible by shooting the disc and shooting arrows into the bucket and throwing the 2 golf balls over the ladder.

Marble run : Make a marble run of sand with your team and let the ball roll as long as possible. (only on the beach)

Checkers Maze : Take a few steps on the large checkerboard until the buzzer. Then the next one can start again until you reach the finish!


Price 6-20 persons: € 24.50 pp

Price from 20 persons: € 19.50 pp